(Important note: This game is waiting for the completion of A Shard’s Tale)

This is the first AVN I am actually going to put out. There are others in development, but the stories of the other ones are too extensive. in the end will be a different take on decision-making in visual novels in general. The episodes will also bring a different way of development, but just as much (so I hope) a difference to experiencing a visual novel and in specific an adult visual novel.

Episode 1 will be ‘The great escape’. Which will run through approximately 5 chapters.

Episode 2 will be ”, which will have the same amount of chapters as episode 1

Episode 3 will be ‘Lay the queen of spades’. This will also have the same amount of chapters.

Currently I am not working on more scripts, but the story can be extended with 2 more episodes. The chapters will be sub-plots steps. When the second episode gets released all will become clear and those who like the game will also understand will be happening with episode 3.

The chapters of each episode will be divided over scenes, locations and characters. The 40 mentioned in the image above are divided among 3 episodes, but of these 13 are describing the scenes/locations of the storyline of Episode 1.

Due to this horizontal slicing, it will not be possible to play any vertical slice, but I think that will not really matter for you as a player. Once the dice are cast, you will likely understand how the story evolves and, if I am able to keep you hooked, you will like the way it works out.

The name of the game has changed. but not the trail of the story. This will still remain a story about finding your path out of a predefined destination (if you believe something like that exists). And yes, it will still also have sexual encounters.

Initially you will not be able to choose your start, until you have finalized all 6 lines. Then you can replay to find all the hidden content and different endings.

The following overview isn’t a replacement but addition to the one above.

Check it out on Itch:


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