A shard’s tale (VN)

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The story

The power of a crystal ball, or just its shards… What if you got your hands on a real magical Shard? Well, the main character of A SHard’s Tale does exactly that. One day his longtime friend hands him a glowing crystal shard…The start of his adventure. Choice matter, intentions matter, but more important, history matters.

The story will be an epic quest, traversing a huge country, many sites and even fantasy species.

Making decisions can be easy, especially if you don’t take their results into account. Or…if you do…Learn magic, learn social skills….decide who is your friend or foe…sounds like an RPG? Well, it is…of sorts.

Meet the cast:
Alric (MC)

AlRic is an alchemist aprentice. He lives in a village with his parents, who own a small shop at the marketplace. He hasn’t traveled or done much outside of the education available in the village and helping his parents. Yet he dreams of more…

Ylisia (Closest friend):

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